Great for Families

Make it a family ocassion

Completing a Virtual Challenge shouldn't just be for adults only.

We believe that adults set examples for the children and there is no better example than saying - look after your health and it will look after you.

Now, we appreciate that it is not possible for small children to run a marathon with you (wow super kid right there), but it is possible to make them feel included in your virtual challenge. What do we mean by that?

Each parent can purchase their own individual challenge from our Virtual Challenge range.  Then email us and ask us to add one family member (one child per adult).  When you upload your proof at the end of the month, we will have made a note which Member(s) is now a 'family challenge'.
We will include one small kids sized 'token' reward disc for free with each adult Reward Disc sent.  

Small frames similar to ours can be purchased from any good retailer and with their disc arriving with yours, they may feel like they are also taking part.

Maybe its a treat for them, if they help you to have more time to exercise by keeping their room tidy or doing the washing up ;)