What is the Bigger Picture Challenge?

They are all Virtual Challenges with different distances.

The Bigger Picture is for those individuals who strive for more than a singular monthly challenge, who are looking for an incentive to something bigger, better and harder to achieve.  All your self managing commitments add towards completing your Bigger Picture.

For example, you’d like to walk/run the same distance that it would take to walk the Inca Trail minus the large rocky steps which is roughly 26 miles.  All our virtual challenge distances are given in miles and kilometers and we invite you to play with those figures to create your very own version of the challenge.  Each month you can mix the same numbers up a bit in order to stretch yourself a little throughout the coming months.

You know your fitness needs improving, but you've only just started to get off the couch, so you choose the gentle Machu Picchu (26m or 41km) and decide to walk 2.6 miles a day, or maybe 26 a month, perhaps 4.1 per day or 46 per month.  You could also choose to cycle 26 per week, per day, per month or 41 etc etc - you see the pattern here.... you simply commit at the beginning of the month, decide on your own personal combination and then stick to it for the month.  Subscribe to month two and change the distance if you wish or not - it is totally up to you.

Each challenge is 12 months long - so this is the only way you will get all the pieces of your Bigger Picture.

£35 + postage and packing for month one, followed by 11 x £15 (including postage and packing)
Do I have to raise money for Charity?

No, you don't need to in order to join in with our challenges, but if you wish to organise something directly with a charity then great - why not!  We don't add that extra stress on to you to do so, this is about challenging yourself to get healthier and enjoy the time you have to yourself for yourself.

Don't forget, each month you complete, we send a donation to your selected charity genre, so you are already doing something without the stress of fundraising.