Bespoke Commemorative and Celebration of Life Challenges

We are very proud to be able to bring you the opportunity to complete a challenge in memory of a someone dear with Family or Friends.  

Challenge your other family members to join you on a walk, jog, run, bike ride (anything you want) where you take this precious set aside time together to remember and share wonderful stories in memory of your departed loved one.

You chose the distance, but this time there isn't a picture of a Virtual destination that we have set as we are inviting you to set the nature of the photo.  It can be a favourite place, pastime, hobby or just an image that reminds you and depicts this special person beautifully. The choice is yours.

You will need to supply one high resolution 8x10 inch Black and White photo which we will use to create your very own placeholder card, the better the photo, the better the end result.  We will then create the placeholder which is of course unique to you.  Each participant will recieve a Placeholder in a frame and instructions on how to take part.  The placeholder will be sent out with 6 holes in it and we cannot change the placement of the holes.

The duration of all bespoke memorial virtual challenges is 6 months and a donation to charity will be made for each participant to one of our 8 selected genres. (Please state if you have a preferred genre) or it will go to one of our genre charity of the month.

Each month we will send a reward disc to your chosen recipient once they have completed their distance or met with you and uploaded their proof.  Another beautiful reminder of the tribute they are paying to your loved one.

NOTE **** This is a BESPOKE ITEM - All participant orders must be placed at the same time and cannot be amended/cancelled once placed and is non-refundable once the order is taken.

The package is for a minimum order quantity for 6+ members

You will need to email us on to arrange this.

Make it your Own

This unique and beautiful system has the potential for 100's of uses and we are here to help you build your very own, if you are looking for something special.

Here are just a few examples... 
Weight-loss milestones
Giving up smoking or another bad habit
Medical Recovery (such as Chemotherapy Treatment countdown)
Training for an event
Getting into 'that' dress
Rewarding the kids for a tidy room
.........what's your treat? Would you like a visual representative of your reward? We can turn that into a unique placeholder

This does take longer to produce, but we'd love to discuss it with you.  All bespoke requests are non refundable.

You will need to email us on to arrange this.